n-1 Image Policy

CDAF Docker images and Vagrant Box support for Windows Server and Ubuntu from now will be limited to an n-1 approach. Older images will remain available but will not receive any further updates. Vagrant For Vagrant https://app.vagrantup.com/cdaf, the following Boxes are deprecated. cdaf/CentOSLVM v2022.10.09 cdaf/WindowsServer v2023.03.13 cdaf/UbuntuLVM v2022.10.05...

Cascading Properties

start of applying consistent prioritised properties. The principle of application, from highest to lowest is Arguments Environment Variables Solution Properties See Cascading Properties Blog post

packageFeatures and packageMethod

See Package Features and Method Blog post

Training Refresh

The CDAF Basics introduction material has been rewritten to be technology agnostic, and two new articles have been written which are technology specific. Java & Maven on Linux .NET Classic & MSBuild on Windows

Resolve and Reveal

See Resolve and Reveal Blog post

CDAF containerDeploy

See CDAF containerDeploy Blog post

Variable Validation

See Variable Validation Blog post for full story. There are 5 rules available, two for plain text and three for secrets. When validating a secret against a known MD5 value, either a literal or variable can be supplied. # Plain text values OPT_ARG # Optional...

CDAF Feature Branch Environments

See CDAF Feature Branch Environments Blog post

CDAF Self-extracting release

See CDAF Self-extracting release Blog post

MASKED using SHA256

See MASKED using SHA256 Blog post

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