Perform a Build Task from within a Container

Master of Build Success

The containerBuild option allows the execution of the build process from within a container. Unlike toolsets which reference a image that is used to create the build container, CDAF uses a Dockerfile, for the following advantages:

  • Build Prerequisites can be defined in code, without being limited to available published images
  • Once constructed the image image cache provides improved performance, without having to use a image registry
  • Working directory and user home directory are volume mounted, to allow caching of build dependencies, e.g. Maven, node_modules

Container Build Configuration

To execute the build within a container, add the containerBuild definition and containerImage to CDAF.solution. Note: complete definitions are provided in the GitHub samples for Windows and Linux.

The following samples have the default process commented out, and can be used to define a custom process.


# containerBuild=& ${AUTOMATIONROOT}/processor/containerBuild.ps1 $SOLUTION $BUILDNUMBER $REVISION $ACTION



Build Time Variables

To supply variables to the build process, prefix with CDAF_CB_ (see CDAF Environment Variables) and the variables will be mapped into the build container.

See GitHub samples for Windows and Linux for dockerfile and additional properties.