Perform a Deployment Task from within a Container

Like containerBuild, containerDeploy provides both image build and container task execution. The common use for container deploy where a command line interface is required.

Master of Deployment Success

The containerDeploy option allows the execution of the deploy process from within a container. Unlike toolsets which reference a image that is used to create the deploy container, CDAF uses a Dockerfile, for the following advantages:

  • Deploy Prerequisites can be defined in code, without being limited to available published images
  • Once constructed the image image cache provides improved performance, without having to use a image registry

Container Deploy Configuration

To execute the deploy within a container, add the containerDeploy definition and runtimeImage (if not supplied, containerImage will be used) to CDAF.solution. Note: complete definitions are provided in the GitHub samples for Windows and Linux.

The following samples have the default process commented out, and can be used to define a custom process.


# containerDeploy=& ${WORK_DIR_DEFAULT}/containerDeploy.ps1 "${TARGET}" "${RELEASE}" "${SOLUTION}" "${BUILDNUMBER}" "${REVISION}" -imageDir cli


# containerDeploy=${WORK_DIR_DEFAULT}/ "${TARGET}" "${RELEASE}" "${SOLUTION}" "${BUILDNUMBER}" "${REVISION}" cli

Deploy Time Variables

To supply variables to the build process, prefix with CDAF_CD_ (see CDAF Environment Variables) and the variables will be mapped into the build container.

See GitHub samples for Windows and Linux for dockerfile and additional properties.

Custom Image

The default directory used for container deploy is containerDeploy, if this is not found, the default Dockerfile is used, with the default runtime files. If you have your own Dockerfile in containerDeploy, or a custom directory specified in CDAF.solution containerDeploy property, then that will be used.

Runtime Files

The file is included in the default image, however, if using a default image, this needs to be explicitly defined in CDAF.solution runtimeFiles property. This can be a space separated list of files.


Runtime Retain

To skip image clean-up, set CDAF.solution runtimeRetain property.