Docker Image Push Utility

Using the same logic after imageBuild, this utility script provides simple login and push logic.

The script can be called passing arguments

./dockerPush.ps1 $TARGET_TAG cdaf/${SOLUTION} "${artifactPrefix}.${BUILDNUMBER} latest" $DOCKERHUB_TOKEN cdaf

This example uses an environment variable (complete list follows) to set the URL. The registry in this example does not require authentication.

export CDAF_PUSH_REGISTRY_URL=hub.private.registry

Available environment variables

Variable Description
CDAF_PUSH_REGISTRY_URL Image registry URL, example myregistry.local (do not set for dockerhub)
CDAF_PUSH_REGISTRY_TAG Image tag(s), can being single value latest or list latest ${BUILDNUMBER} (default is latest)
CDAF_PUSH_REGISTRY_USER Registry user, example registryuser (if not set, default is ‘.’)
CDAF_PUSH_REGISTRY_TOKEN Registry token, example xyzx9234sxsrwcqw34
Tags: containers