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Configuration Mapping Page Configuration Mapping to Execution Engine.
Environment Variables Page CDAF Control Variables.
Execution Engine Page Line-by-line Execution.
Extended Processes Page Pre and Post, Build and Package Processes.
Feature Branch Execution Page Entry Point Wrapper Place in your SOLUTIONROOT to allow dynamic delivery execution, based on Git Branch name. This capability is limited to, which are Git aware, and the recommended loose coupling entry scripts for CDAF. # Separate environments for features and bugs feature=DEV1...
Legacy Features Page Supported features of CDAF, whos use is discouraged
Sensitive Data Strategies Page Loose Coupling A key approach to support the principle of automation execution in a local desktop context, is the use of environment variables. It’s important to remember that environment variables do not necessarily need to be persisted, i.e. stored unencrypted on disk, it’s the global availability of the variable...
Solution Properties Page CDAF Configuration Properties.